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Career Coaching

Assessment: self-assessment allows one to reflect on skills, interests, values and personality traits to better understand oneself. We can use various assessment tools, such as career assessments, personality tests, or skills inventories, to facilitate this process.


Goals: once you have clarity about your goals and aspirations, we work on setting specific and achievable goals. We develop action plans that outline the steps needed to achieve those goals. This may involve identification of education or training opportunities, enhancement of relevant skills, networking strategies, and job search techniques.


Curriculum Vitae: constitutes a key part of career coaching. I help my clients optimize their resumes, crafting them to match the relevant job or industry.


The role play: we prepare mock interviews, feedback on presentation and communication skills, and guidance on how to effectively answer prepared questions on selected job openings.

24/7 Support: I offer ongoing support, helping clients overcome obstacles, manage career transitions, and adapt to changes. I also provide insights into industry trends, labor market conditions, and emerging opportunities, helping my clients stay on the cutting edge of their profession.


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