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About Me

Hi! My name is Francesca, but you can call me Fran

Motivational Business  & Career Coach, Story-teller by nature, Right-hand man  for fundraisers in international contexts, I love supporting my clients in realizing their professional challenges and aspirations to help them reach their true potential.

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What do I do?

Let's see...

Italian Business  Coaching

As a Business English Coach, I help you improve your language skills and competencies to communicate effectively in Italian in international business settings. I provide guidance and support tailored to your needs and goals. My role goes beyond traditional language teaching as I focus on holistic language development, including pronunciation, most appropriate vocabulary, grammar, fluency and cultural understanding to create your "Italian Communication style".

Business Coaching

 As a business coach, my role is to guide and empower my clients to improve their professional performance and achieve their goals. I use a combination of mentoring, counseling and coaching techniques to identify strengths, address weaknesses and foster growth.

Career Coaching

Italian  Public Speaking

As a Public Speaking Coach, my mission is to empower my clients to communicate with confidence, impact and authenticity in front of diverse audiences. I help overcome the challenges of public speaking and hone communication skills.

I use my deep knowledge of the principles of effective communication and my empathy to tailor coaching strategies to individual needs. With my guidance, my clients can unleash their potential as confident and impactful speakers, feeling confident and accomplished on any stage (live or online). 

As a Pitch Facilitator, I am responsible for guiding and assisting individuals or teams in developing and delivering effective and persuasive presentations. I help create the content, structure, and presentation of the pitch, offering guidance on how to best communicate key messages, engage the audience, and achieve the desired outcome, whether it is to obtain funding, partnerships, or support for a project or business idea. I provide feedback, coaching and support to help presenters refine and improve their presentation.

As Career coaching I focus on guiding individuals in various aspects of their professional development. Through activities and discussions geared towards helping my clients clarify their career goals, identify their strengths and areas for improvement, and create actionable plans for success.

Deck Creator & Challenger

As a corporate fundraising document creator, I develop persuasive and comprehensive presentations to secure financial support for my clients' business ventures. This involves a combination of strategic thinking, financial storytelling and effective communication. By effectively communicating the company's vision, financial potential and strategic plans, I contribute significantly to the success of the fundraising roadshow.

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December 16, 2023

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December 18, 2023

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December 20, 2023


Via di Prato, 52, 50041 Calenzano FI, Italy


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